All programs have a minimum number of participants in order to be conducted. The City of Groveport reserves the right to cancel, combine, alter dates and times, or make any other revision which may be necessary in regards to programs or classes. All refunds will be made by the following guidelines:
Cancelled Class - If the City cancels a class, the participant will receive a full-refund or gift certificate, based on patron's preference.
Before Program Begins - Refunds will be made only before the start of the program for the following circumstances: (1). When the refund/gift certificate is requested at least five business days in advance of the first meeting date, provided that it does not reduce the participation level below the required minimum. (2). When the participant becomes ill. Note: a doctor's statement must be presented before the start of the program.
After Program Begins - Refunds/Gift Certificates will only be given if the participant becomes ill and is no longer able to participate in the remainder of the program. A doctor's statement must be provided. All refunds given will be prorated from the date of notification to the Parks & Recreation Department.
Trips - Since trips require reservations weeks in ahead of time, the City of Groveport cannot process refunds for persons requesting a refund or gift certificate (no exceptions).
Administrative Fee - A $5 administrative processing fee will be charged to cover processing costs for each individual program enrollment. The $5 administrative processing fee will not be charged if the City of Groveport cancels the program.
According to the City's bill paying schedule, requested refund checks take approximately two to four weeks to process. Refunds will be mailed from the City's Finance Department to your residence. Class Transfers - Persons wishing to transfer from one class to another may do so providing that the transfer does not reduce the participation level below the required minimum.